Help prepare the scout to fulfill the following merit badge requirements:


-         7.a/1.†† Describe some of the activities that a licensed amateur radio

operator can do on the air.

-         7.a.4.a.Explain some of the requirements for a Technician Class license.

-         7.a.4.b.Explain some of the privileges a Technician Class licensed radio

operator has.

-         7.a.4.c.Explain who gives amateur radio exams.

-         7.a.5.b.Tell why the Federal Communications Commission has an

amateur radio service.


        Give the scout some other general information about the licensing procedures and privileges.


Reference Materials


        Merit badge pamphlet pages:39-42.

        Handouts:The Amateur Radio Licenses.

        Icom band chart.

        Now Youíre Talking book and/or other licensing question books.

        8.5X11 blank paper for scouts to use.


Suggested Activities


        Ask questions about the material on the handout and provide additional insight based on your own knowledge.

        Use the Icom band chart to illustrate the privileges a licensed operator has, especially the Technician Class operator.

        Show Now Youíre Talking book (and/or other books).

        Ask if there are any questions about the merit badge pamphlet pages.


Verifying Scouts Have Met the Merit Badge Requirements


       Meet with each scout individually so they can present to you the information required to fulfill each of the above merit badge requirements.