·        Prepare the scout to complete the following merit badge requirements:


-         1.e.        Explain what phonetics are and how they are used.

-         7.a.3.     Explain at least five Q signals or amateur radio terms you hear while


-         7.a.5.a.  Explain how you would make an emergency call using voice or Morse


-         7.a.6.a.  Discuss handheld transceivers verses home “base” stations.

-         7.a.6.b.  Explain the uses of mobile amateur radios.

-         7.a.6.c.  Explain the uses of amateur radio repeaters.


·        Help firm in the scout’s mind what he has observed in the preceding mini-classes, which were:


-         Ham Radio Station Visit

-         Preparing to Talk on the Radio

-         Radio Contact


Reference Materials


·        Merit badge pamphlet pages:  44-51.

·        Handouts:  Several from previous classes.

·        8.5 X 11 blank paper for scouts to use.


Suggested Activities


Proceed directly to the verifying the scout meets the merit badge requirements.


Verifying the Scouts Have Met the Merit Badge Requirements


·       Meet with each scout individually so they can present to you the information required to fulfill each of the above merit badge requirements.