Prepare the scout to complete the following merit badge requirements:


-         1.a.††††† Explain what radio is (general description).

-         1.b.††††† Explain the differences between broadcast radio and hobby radio.

-         1.c.††††† Explain the differences between broadcasting and two-way


-         1.d.††††† Explain what broadcast radio and amateur radio call signs are and how

they differ.

-         3.d.††††† Discuss why some radio stations are called DX and others are called local.

-         3.e.††††† Explain what the FCC and ITU are.



Reference Material


       Handouts:†††††††† Radio Station Callsigns.

       Merit badge pamphlet pages:11, 14, 16-19, and 42.

       8.5 X 11 blank paper for scouts to use.


Suggested Activities


      Discuss the handout.

      Lead a discussion comparing broadcast radio and hobby radio, and comparing broadcasting and two-way communication.

      Discuss what a Ham means when he refers to a station as being a DX station.


Verifying Scouts Have Met the Merit Badge Requirements


       Meet with each scout individually so they can present to you the information required to fulfill each of the above merit badge requirements.