Purpose of this Handout
To provide an example of a log book page and an example of how a contact might be logged.
To provide a space for you to log the contact you will make during your merit badge efforts.
  Frequency   Power Time Station Report Time Off Comments QSL
Date (MHz) Mode (watts) (UTC) Worked Sent Rec'd (UTC) Name, QTH, notes, etc. S R
15-Oct-03 14.265 SSB 100 1455 W7SPC 57 59 1503 Elsie        Porland, OR                  Nurse  
                  Sister of Bill, KF5NZD    
03-Jan-04 146.70 FM 25 2232 KF5NZD 59 59 2233 Bill            Bosque Farms, NM    
  repeater               Invited her to club meeting when she visits Bill.    
17-Jan-03 146.52 FM 5 2246 NM5JOE 53 43   Joe           Belen, NM    
                  Verfying HT simplex works between us    
Room for You to Practice and to Log Your Merit Badge Qualification Contact
Notes VHF contacts (the last two examples) are usually not logged, but are shown here since this frequency may be used fory your contact.
Including notes in the log is not required, but makes it fun when looking back to remember things about the other operator.
Some operators do not log the time off.
Some operators keep their logs on computers.