A Q signal followed by a ? asks a question. A Q signal without the ? answers the question, unless otherwise indicated. Those most commonly heard on voice contacts are marked with *. Examples of voice use for these are given. For Morse code, signals are used without any unnecessary words.


* CQ Not really a Q signal. Means wanting to talk to another station.

Example: CQ CQ CQ KC5OUR KC5OUR means KC5OUR wants to talk to any station.

QRA What is the name of your station?

QRG What's my exact frequency?

QRH Does my frequency vary?

QRI How is my tone? (1-3)

QRK What is my signal intelligibility? (1-5)

QRL Are you busy?

* QRM Is my transmission being interfered with?

Your transmission is being interfered with. Example: You are 57 with QRM.

* QRN Are you troubled by static?

Im having trouble with static. Example: QRN is making it hard to understand you.

QRO Shall I increase transmitter power?

* QRP Shall I decrease transmitter power?

Im running low power (usually 5 watts or less). Example: Im QRP.

QRQ Shall I send faster?

QRS Shall I send slower?

QRT Shall I stop sending?

QRU Have you anything for me? (Answer in negative)

QRV Are you ready?

QRW Shall I tell ______ you're calling him?

QRX When will you call again?

* QRZ Who is calling me?

Usually said Q R Zed. Example: KC5OUR Q R Zed.

QSA What is my signal strength? (1-5)

QSB Are my signals fading?

QSD Is my keying defective?

QSG Shall I send ______ messages at a time?

QSK Can you work breakin?

* QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?

I acknowledge receipt of your last information. Example: QSL your 55.

QSM Shall I repeat the last message sent?

* QSO Can you communicate with ______ direct?

Our radio contact. Example: Thanks for the QSO.

QSP Will you relay to ______?

QSV Shall I send a series of V's?

QSW Will you transmit on ______?

QSX Will you listen for ______ on ______?

* QSY Shall I change frequency?

I am changing or leaving this frequency. Example: KC5OUR QSY.

QSZ Shall I send each word/group more than once? (Answer, send twice or ______)

QTA Shall I cancel number ______?

QTB Do you agree with my word count? (Answer negative)

QTC How many messages have you to send?

* QTH What is your location?

My QTH is ____. Example: QTH here is Los Chavez, New Mexico.

QTR What is your time?

QTV Shall I stand guard for you ______?

QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication with me?

QUA Have you news of ______?