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Merit Badge

Radio Merit Badge by Gary Wilson, K2GW   
The site assists Scouts in meeting the Radio Merit Badge requirements but additionally provides free instructional materials,as well hints for teaching the Merit Badge and for organizing one day Radio Merit Badge events.

Get Your Radio Merit Badge Day
Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge Planning and Material Notebook prepared and sponsored by the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association.  This program was the subject of an article on the ARRL web site.  An alternative download of the full PDF manual is here.  A zip of all the Word/Excel files on the Table of Contents page can be downloaded here.

Radio Merit Badge
Workbooks for instructors and classes to help make this merit badge a little easier by Bill Jeffrey, AA6J, Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Counselor.

If QSL.NET is slow or unavailable you may use this site mirror, up-to-date as of 01/29/2007.