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Study Guides

No Nonsense Study Guides for Technician, General, and Extra Class Licenses
Great "bare-bones" study guides by Dan Romanchik KB6NU. Check them out!

KD7BBC's HamStudy.org: Ham Radio Test Practice Tools
Very nice online Ham Radio Practice Tests and Study Tools. Check it out!

NC4FB's Self Study Program for All Classes of License
The NC4FB License Self-Study Program is a free comprehensive step-by-step approach to preparing for U. S. amateur radio license exams. The program can be used by individuals, study groups, or in conjunction with in-person license classes.

Technician Question Pool with Only the Correct Answers by K6YXH
This is a Word document of the Technician Question Pool with only the question and correct answer. Nicely formatted for easy studying.

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Study / Homework Guide
This study / homework guide is for use with the ARRL HRLM with the purpose of focusing study toward the question pool. It is composed of 20 pages of fill in the blank questions with HRLM page numbers and question pool references for each question. Prepared by N5NA.
Technician (Updated with the NEW question pool), General, & Extra Class study guides.

Technician Q & A by K3DIO
Word file of the new question pool in a Q & A format which has only the question and correct answer.

Gordon West
Instructor's Guide for using Gordon West's books.  Also has good ideas applicable to any course.  Download is near the bottom of the page.

Gordon West Pre-Study Guide
Pre-Study guide for use with Gordon West's Technician Class Q&A Book.  Extracted from Gordon West's Instructor Guide and pages renumbered.

Below is for the Question Pool in effect through 6/30/2006

Technician Class "Cliff Notes" by Joe Hullender  N4JAH
Class notes with a summary of information you need to know for each chapter of the "Now You're Talking" book.

Technician Question Pool by KJ5KU
This is a text file of the question pool that has been rearranged to follow the order of the ARRL Video Course.