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Morse Code

Learn CW Online   
Learn Morse telegraphy (CW) online in your browser. This is way cool!

Morsecards by Hal Mueller, KE7BYN
These morse code audio flash cards are a first step toward learning Morse code. Each flash card (audio file) contains a single letter, number, punctuation, or prosign in Morse code, followed by the spoken name ("di-dah (pause) A"). They can be loaded into an MP3 player or burned to an audio CD. See the readme.txt file included in the zip for ideas.

Code Course by Chuck Adams, K7QO
K7QO's own popular code course in MP3 format.  The zip file includes all the MP3 files, instructions, and the answer key as well as several interesting papers.  (76.5 MB).

Chuck now has version 2 of his code course out which is available from FISTS or online. See his website for details.

Using an Iambic Paddle by Chuck Adams, K7QO
A very good paper on adjusting and using an iambic paddle.

Introduction to Morse Code by Chuck Adams, K7QO
A paper on learning morse code using the ARRL's Code tapes/CD's.

This is an interesting program which allows users to send and receive morse code over a LAN or the internet.  This program could be used to teach an online morse code class.

Rolls HA204 Headphone Distributor
Four port headphone distribution box.  I haven't tried one of these but it looks like a relatively  inexpensive solution to distribute code practice audio.  The owner's manual is here.

CW Generator & Audio Distribution System for Students
QST article from February, 2002, by William Rynone.  The schematic in the article has a couple of errors.  A correct schematic provided by William Rynone may be downloaded here.

Generates WAV files from text.  Also will output AIFF and AU formats.  Handy for making CD's for students to listen to between classes.