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Note:  If you don't have PowerPoint try OpenOffice.  OpenOffice will import PowerPoint files and allow you to edit them.  It is a very nice office suite and is free.

NC4FB Exam Prep Support System
The purpose of EPSS is to provide license instructors and mentors with the capability to display flashcards, generate subelement tests, and sample license exams. The EPSS does not require PowerPoint or OpenOffice.

New Technician Question Pool by W4ZH
PowerPoint presentation of the new Technician question pool effective July 1, 2010.  Contains fly-in check marks for each answer.

Technician Course Presentation by W4ZH
This presentation is by Jeff, W4ZH for the Technician Pool effective July 1, 2010. desires.

Ham Cram by W9PE
Technician cram course designed to be given in two, 3-hour sessions.

How to Operate HF by K2GW
Elmering presentation for newly upgraded Generals to help them make their first HF contact. It can be easily modified by others to suit their needs and personal interests. Prepared by Gary Wilson, K2GW.

Mobile Installation by W8CM
Give your students some practical information with this VHF/UHF Mobile Installation PowerPoint presentation by Mike Baker, W8CM. Mike presented this at Hamcom 2006 and will give new hams (and old timers) ideas for installing their new equipment!.

PL-259 Installation by N5NA
The mobile antenna is mounted now how do you put on the coax connector? This is a close-up of installing a PL-259 on RG-58 in PowerPoint format.
Important Note: If you downloaded this file prior to April 13, 2007, it may have been (probably was) corrupted and wouldn't open. Please try again. (Thanks N2HUZ!)

Below is for the Question Pool in effect through 6/30/2010

Technician Presentation by N5NA
Open Office presentation for use with the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. Please feel free to edit/modify as needed to fit your needs. You may download the presentation saved as a PowerPoint file here.

Technician Presentation for Macintosh by KE5BYN
This is a presentation by Hal Mueller, KE7BYN, for the Macintosh in Apple Keynote format. It is for use with the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. Here is an export of the presentation in PowerPoint format.

Technician Presentation for ARRL Manual by K5EHX
This is a new presentation by Tom White, K5EHX, for use in conjunction with the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. This presentation is in Open Office format. Please see the link shown above for the Open Office website. Tom has also prepared class notes in PDF format.

Below is for the Question Pool in effect through 6/30/2006

Six Week Technician Course by N5NA
The PowerPoint presentations below were prepared for a six week Technician course based on the ARRL's "Now You're Talking" book.  The sixth class was used for review and taking practice tests.

Technician Class Lesson 1 - ppt
Technician Class Lesson 2 - ppt
Technician Class Lesson 3 - ppt
Technician Class Lesson 4 - ppt
Technician Class Lesson 5 - ppt

Note:  Some graphics & slides adapted from "One Day Technician Class" by David A. Heupel WE4RA, "Short Course for the Amateur Radio Technician License Element 2" by Richie Allen KC5NZR, and "Introduction to the World of Amateur Radio - All You Need to Get Your Amateur Radio License" by Lilburn Smith W5KQJ.

One Weekend Technician Course by N5NA
Presentation used for a one weekend Tech course.  Basically it is the Tech question pool arranged in the order of the 5th edition of the Gordon West Technician Class book with some explanatory slides mixed in as needed. Should be used with the Gordon West Instructor's Manual and Pre-study Guide.

Technician Question Pool by N5NA
PowerPoint presentation with all 511 questions in the pool.  Contains fly-in check marks for each answer.

Technician Question Pool - Gordon West by N5NA
PowerPoint presentation with all 511 questions in the pool rearranged in the same order as the Gordon West Technician Class Study Guide.  Includes page numbers referencing the Gordon West book on each slide.

Technician Question Pool by J.M. Rowe N5XFW
Another PowerPoint presentation with the questions in the order they appear in the question pool.